Who we are

We are an expert, passionate and energetic programme management and strategy consultancy who specialise in helping our clients succeed – often against the odds.

Skotte Group is owned and managed by Mark Wilde and Jesper Antonsen, we are based in Brisbane, and were formed in February 2022. Mark’s Scottish roots and Jesper’s Danish roots give us our name!

We drive change and innovation for our clients by providing hands-on expertise, from early-stage strategic planning, business case development and program mobilisation through to implementation, operational commissioning, and benefits realisation - and everything in between!

We are able to support our clients with expert insight and knowledge in areas from assurance reviews, strategy development, service redesign, financial analysis, communications and engagement.

We differentiate ourselves by our experience, credibility and track record in successful delivery and by our ability to think and do in support of our clients. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to respond to client needs, our deep understanding of stakeholder management, good governance and political context and on always being willing to be held to account for the outcomes we deliver.

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Skotte Group

What we do

We enhance the chances of our clients’ programmes succeeding by drawing on our experience, credibility, energy, stakeholder management skills and appetite for sheer hard work and pride in what we deliver.

Our clients are often called upon to plan, design and deliver complex, time-limited, budget constrained programmes and will often have the added complication of a political or stakeholder imperative driving outcomes. Our clients frequently have complex problems that need to be solved sensitively. That is why they turn to us.

In our experience, resource constraints mean our clients will frequently not have the in-house capacity or, in some cases the skills, necessary to deliver programmes to budget and/or deadline and in a manner that delivers desired outcomes.

Organisations will often default to muddling through with insufficient skills or resources and supplementing their teams with contractor resources. This can lead to problems with a lack of professional, accountable programme leadership and with quality control.

We address these issues by being accountable to our clients for end-to-end programme delivery and by being accountable for the quality and outputs of the personnel we employ.

We are completely flexible in our response to our clients' needs. We provide on-site and hands-on services, whether for a few hours a week to keep programmes under control or immersing ourselves in leadership and support roles for significant periods of time.

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Skotte Group

Why you might use us

Here are some examples of the broad range of programmes and related activities where we can bring our knowledge and experience to enhance your chances of success.

Infrastructure Programs: We have significant experience in helping clients in the planning, transaction management, commercial negotiation and delivery of social and economic infrastructure programs across Australia and in the UK.

Operational Improvement and Transformation Programmes: In recent years, organisations have come under increasing pressure to commence a process of transformation. Not only financial transformation but transforming the way services are delivered and the way technology and other enablers are used. We have extensive experience in helping clients in Australia and the UK to address these challenges.

Strategy Development/Business Case Development: We have significant experience in helping clients develop organisational strategies, business cases and feasibility studies, to support strategy implementation.

Procurement Programmes: We have deep experience in the planning and delivery of procurement programmes and in supporting our clients with commercial negotiation and transaction execution.

Programme Governance and Control Frameworks: Successful delivery of programmes and projects requires practical and well-designed governance frameworks. We have helped our clients by designing and mobilising programme management offices, reviewing and improving existing governance frameworks and in developing and implementing improved controls and associated reporting mechanisms.

Programme Assurance and Turnaround: We have undertaken numerous formal Gateway Reviews and other diagnostic assurance reviews to help our clients assess the status of their programmes and take remedial action to help programmes get back on track.

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If you would like to contact Skotte Group to discuss a project or to discuss working with us we would love to hear from you.